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TOEFL Announces Important Changes

Princeton, N.J. (May 22, 2019) – Beginning August 1, 2019, all TOEFL iBT® test takers will benefit from enhancements to the test format and score reporting, and easier registration.

普林斯顿,新泽西州(2019年5月22日)-- 2019年8月1日起,托福考试将优化测试格式、分数报告、报名方式,所有考生都将受益于此。

To start, TOEFL® test time will be shortened by 30 minutes — to just three hours — with no changes to the overall test format or question types. It’s the same fair, reliable, preferred test, but with fewer questions in the Reading, Listening and Speaking sections.


In addition, the new MyBest™ scores feature will combine test takers’ best scores for each section from all valid TOEFL iBT scores from the previous two years. MyBest scores allow test takers to show their best overall test performance to institutions making important admissions decisions. All TOEFL iBT score reports sent after August 1, 2019, regardless of the test administration date, will automatically include MyBest scores along with the traditional scores from the test taker’s selected test date.

其次,托福将推出新功能MyBest™ scores(我的最佳分数),合并考生近两年来托福成绩中听、说、读、写各单项的最高分项。MyBest™ scores功能推出后,考生可以向大学展示他们最佳的总体测试水平,协助招生官做出重要的录取决定。2019年8月1日后寄送的所有托福分数报告,不管当时的考试时间是哪一天,都将自动包含MyBest™ scores(我的最佳分数)。

“A growing number of institutions are acknowledging the value of seeing applicants’ best section scores when they take a standardized test more than once,” said ETS’s Srikant Gopal, Executive Director of the TOEFL Program. “We also know that our test takers want an English-language test that helps them stand out to admissions officers. These changes provide a significantly better testing experience for students, while institutions can widen their pools of qualified applicants that meet their English-language requirements. It’s a win-win.”

美国教育考试服务中心(ETS)托福项目执行总监Srikant Gopal称:“越来越多大学承认,当学生参加多次标准化测试时,各项最高分是具有参考价值的。我们也了解到,考生希望能够通过英语考试更好地让自己在招生官面前脱颖而出。托福考试此次推出的变革能够显著提升考生的考试体验,同时能够帮助大学增加满足他们英语语言水平要求的申请人数,实是共赢之举。”

To round out the improved test-taking experience, ETS developed a new registration and account management system. As a result, test takers will see greater functionality, a streamlined registration experience, easy access to test prep and more.


For more information about the enhancements to the TOEFL test’s format, score reports and registration, please visit https://www.ets.org/toefl/better_test_experience. For general information about the TOEFL test or to register for the test, please visit http://www.ets.org/toefl.


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